Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playboy: Narco Americano

An extensive new investigative article by T.J. ENGLISH entitled "Narco Americano" appears in the newly published February 2011 issue of Playboy magazine. The article offers a disturbing assessment of the narco war in Mexico, focusing on the border region of Ciudad Juarez, near El Paso, Texas. Using the shocking double-homicide of a U.S. consulate employee and her husband last March as the central narrative of the article, English ranges far and wide, shedding light on issues of corruption, economic exploitation and gangsterism that have contributed to the unprecedented crisis in Mexico. The article shows how the U.S. and Mexico are inextricably linked in the so-called drug war, in which nearly 90% of the product coming from Mexico is destined for the U.S. marketplace of drug users and abusers. Thorough and thought-provoking, the article is not to be missed.

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