Monday, June 11, 2012

The Bulger Chronicles: Whitey's Women

Whitey Bulger and Teresa Stanley, in better times.
Posted today on the Daily Beast website  is my fifth installment of The Bulger Chronicles, a series of articles I'm writing on the upcoming trial of Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger for Newsweek/Daily Beast. So far I've written articles about Bulger's apprehension from the point of view of former criminal associates and rivals ("Whitey's Payback"); a review of a book by the lone FBI agent who tried to shut Bulger down as a confidential informant for the Feds ("The Man Who Saw Through Whitey"); a report on Catherine Greig, Whitey's girlfriend and companion on the lam for 16 years, as she pleaded guilty in court; and now "Whitey's Women," the accounts of two women who were deeply involved in the lives of Bulger and his crime partner, Steve Flemmi, at the height of their years as gangster.

The article was based on extensive interviews with both women. Especially fascinating was the time I spent with TERESA STANLEY, who was Bulger's common-law wife for 30 years. It was Stanley who, in 1995, was originally going to go on the run with Whitey but decided she could not do it. Whitey exchanged Stanley for his other longtime girlfriend, Catherine Greig, and they disappeared together for the next 16 years, until they were captured in Santa Monica, CA in June 2011.

A recent photo of Teresa Stanley, who is now 70 years old.
I had two lengthy interviews with Teresa, one at Marisola's restaurant in Southie, and another at the Seaport Hotel at Boston harbor. I found her to be a sensitive and intelligent woman, still in a state of shock from all that has been revealed about the man she shared her life with for so many years. There are the murders (Bulger is charged with 19 counts of murder) and criminal pathology, but also Stanley is still shocked that "Jimmy," the man who served as a surrogate father to her four children, had, when they were together, an entirely separate and secret life with his "other woman."

Also interviewed for the article is MARILYN DI SILVA, a woman who in the late 70s was the girlfriend of Steve Flemmi.

I hope to write a few more articles on the Bulger saga leading up to his trial, which is currently scheduled for Nov. 5, 2012.

The article "Whitey's Women" can be accessed at

                                                                          -- T.J. English

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